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Notice: Contact lens prescriptions are not the same as spectacles prescriptions. ClickHelp’ for additional information.

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All of our lenses come with a Premium CleanCoat HSAR+ coating (super anti reflection, scratch resistant, UV protection, water and dirt resistant)

We buy all our lenses at Rodenstock, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of frames and lenses, and therefore offer you a 2-year warranty on manufacturing errors.


Concerning  prescription lenses in optical glasses you can choose between:

  • standard 1.5 plastic lenses with anti reflective and clean coat
  • thin 1.6 plastic lenses with anti reflective and clean coat
  • for our ‘EyeCatch’ collection we decide what type of lens will be the most aesthetic in your chosen glasses (with corrections higher than -3,00 of +3,00 we will always use the thin 1.6 lenses)

Concerning prescription lenses in sunglasses you can choose between:

  • standard 1.5 plastic sunglasses
  • thin 1.6 plastic sunglasses with anti reflective and clean coat
    • brown
    • grey
    • green G15
    • degrade (gradient)

Prescription details

Prescription lenses will be assembled based on your given information.
Therefore it is very important you give us the correct information. You can fill in your prescription details in the appropriate input fields and/or send us a prescription given by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Please note prescription goods are custom made and not returnable for exchange or refund.
Custom made goods take also a longer time for dispatch.
Prescription lenses will not have the exact same colour or the brand logo on the lens like the normal sunglasses.

Adjustment period

When you start wearing new glasses or when your prescription has changed, it might be possible you can’t immediately look comfortably through your new glasses.

This is perfectly normal and may take a few days. We advise you to wear your glasses all the time the first days so your eyes can adjust to the new lenses.

Pupillary distance (PD)

The pupillary distance (PD) is the distance from the center of your right pupil to the center of your left pupil.

You can find your pupillary distance on your prescription. However, if your pupillary distance is not mentioned on your prescription, you can easily measure it yourself.

How do you measure your pupillary distance yourself?

This is done by measuring the distance between the center of your right eye pupil to the center of your left eye pupil. You cannot measure this yourself so ask someone else to help you. It’s important that you look straight ahead and in the distance and not to the person who measures. When you measure this distance, it will be a number between 50mm and 75mm.